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9. Clove - Valorant Wiki - Fandom

  • 26 mrt 2024 · Clove is an Agent in VALORANT and the sixth Controller to be released. Clove is fearless as they do not see death as a scary thing, in fact, ...

  • Clove is an Agent in VALORANT and the sixth Controller to be released. Clove is fearless as they do not see death as a scary thing, in fact, they see it as beautiful. They are described as a Scottish troublemaker, which can be told in part by their bold personality; getting into the fight, without holding back. Clove is a young agent with short hair, dyed black at the roots that fade down to a pinkish/purple color at the ends. Their eyes are a silvery light blue. They have a headband with two sm

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Www.xlove.com (2024)


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