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Luxury kitchen design ideas tend to combine the highest quality materials, cutting edge technologies and top of the line appliances to create kitchens worthy of being on the cover of a magazine. But as simple as it may seem, designing a beautiful luxury kitchen isn’t easy. There’s much more to creating a luxury dream kitchen than adding fancy cabinets and expensive appliances. The design of the kitchen, layout, materials, textures, colors and respect for the smallest details are what makes luxury kitchens a marvel of functional beauty.

Plan Ahead

Our #1 kitchen design tip is simple: plan ahead. First and foremost, a kitchen needs to be functional. Set aside all the luxury upgrades, expensive materials and cutting edge technologies. What you always start with when designing a new kitchen is the layout. The vast majority of luxury kitchens are large, but any kitchen, no matter the size or expense, has to be laid out properly. Let’s take a look at the 3 most basic kitchen layouts used in the majority of kitchen designs.

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Luxury Kitchen Design Ideas: The Galley Kitchen Design

Galley kitchens are fairly straightforward kitchen designs featuring a passage between two walls. One wall generally features cooking components and storage, the other features the sink, dishwasher and more storage. Galley kitchens are more common in smaller homes but if finished right could still be considered a luxury Kitchen. There small configurations limit the amount of luxury options you can fit but remember luxury isn’t always about size, but quality.

A small kitchen designed perfectly can sometimes be more luxurious than a large kitchen with a poor design.

Finally, consider adding efficient storage options like a lazy Susan, cabinet door organizers and tall pantry storage. This will help ensure that everything you have to store is close at hand but organized efficiently out of sight.

What Colors Work Best In Luxury Galley Kitchens?

When it comes to color schemes for your small galley kitchen, light and bright is a great idea. Lighter colors tend to make a space feel larger, whereas darker ones create a cozy feel but can make a small space feel claustrophobic. Size considerations should always be at the forefront, not an afterthought. Every element in the kitchen should be designed to make the room feel larger and maximize limited space.

Can Galley Kitchens Have An Island?

Yes. What defines a galley kitchen is the layout not the size. If the opposing walls are far enough apart that you can fit an island in the center then by all means install one. Remember you need about 3 feet on all sides of the island as a walkway and to allow enough room to open things like a refrigerator, oven, dishwasher etc.

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L Shaped Kitchen Design

L-shaped kitchen designs have an angled cooking and cleaning area shaped like the letter L, hence the name. This design generally gives you more room for storage, appliances, cabinets, etc. L shaped kitchens work great in an open floor plan and generally feature an island.

An L-shaped kitchen design is one of the most popular, classic kitchen layouts. It’s highly flexible and adaptable to a wide variety of sizes and styles. Cooks have always loved the L-shaped layout because it reduces walking time between stations, especially if you incorporate an island into the design. The L-shape makes it very easy to create the classic kitchen triangle. Putting the fridge, stove, and sink in a triangular arrangement.

What Colors Work Best In An L-shaped Kitchen?

It depends on the size of the kitchen and the color scheme for the rest of the home. L-shaped kitchens are generally used in an open floor plan so coordinating your color scheme with the neighboring rooms is a must.

Vary the color value, (light and dark), based on the size of the room. If it’s a small room stick with lighter colors to make the room feel larger. For a medium to large size room darker colors are fine. The current trend for luxury kitchen design is light and bright which luckily works with any size room or home.

Can L-shaped Kitchen Layouts Have An Island?

Yes. L-shaped kitchens are the ideal layout for an island. Generally L-shaped kitchen designs are used in open floor plans which use the island as a transition between the kitchen and neighboring room. Islands with seating are great if you have the space because the stools can also act as seating for the next room, generally a dining or living room.

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U Shaped Kitchen Design

U-shaped kitchens are great for a luxury kitchen design. Featuring three walls ready for cooking, storage or appliances. Generally large enough to fit a large center island for food preparation, extra storage, a sink, appliances and seating.

What Colors Work Best In An U-shaped Kitchen?

It depends on if there’s a 4th wall. If the kitchen has a 4th wall, generally used for more cabinets or a kitchen table, then you can make the kitchen any color you want. An enclosed room gives you more freedom since the color scheme is isolated. Just remember match the color values to the size of the room.

If there is no 4th wall and the kitchen is open to the rest of the home then coordinate with the neighboring colors.

Can U-shaped Kitchen Designs Have An Island?

Yes. If you have the size then an island works great in a U-shaped kitchen. If there is no 4th wall and the kitchen is open to the next room then consider an island with edge seating like the pic above. Edge seating works great when the seats can be used in either the kitchen or neighboring room.

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Pay Attention To Style

Once you’ve chosen the right layout for your space you should decide on the overall style of the kitchen. This is another broad interior design stroke you really have to get right from the start. Generally speaking, this isn’t that hard a decision to make. If your designing a luxury kitchen for a country home, you design a luxury country kitchen appropriate to the style of the home, not an ultra modern one.


In terms of appliances, with a luxury kitchen design the sky’s the limit. Double door refrigerators, double and triple sinks, commercial 6 burner ranges, high-tech ovens are all common features. You’ll be using luxury kitchen brands like Viking, Thermador, Sub-zero / Wolf, Miele, Gaggenau or La Cornue. Be prepared to spend a bundle. Luxury kitchen appliances can be over 10 times as expensive as standard units. However they hold they’re value much better than lesser priced appliances do.

The 6 Best Luxury Appliance Brands

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Viking was the first company with a professional range in the U.S. since the 1980s. The majority of high end luxury kitchens have a Viking range. Out of Mississippi, Viking continues to innovate and produce some of the absolute best ranges on the market.

Viking also manufactures other kitchen appliances however their strength is by far in designing and building incredible kitchen ranges. They’re currently the standard in high-end kitchen ranges, a spot they’ve held for decades.

As far as ranges go their by far considered #1. However their initial product launches of refrigerators, dishwashers, and other appliances can be problematic.

Unfortunately, the line continues to have service issues and a bad reputation.

  • Strengths: Cooking
  • Weaknesses: Reliability for anything other than ranges, specifically dishwashers and, refrigerators

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Thermador is based out of California and has been manufacturing appliances for over 75 years. Credited with producing the first wall oven and downdraft. Bosch purchased Thermador in the late 1990s to add reliability to their industry leading innovation.

Thermador is also very strong in cooking, especially pro ranges, wall ovens, and induction. And they’ve recently taken steps forward into steam like many other brands.

They need to refresh their wall ovens and their single convection products, as well as add functionality to a few older models.

The most affordable of the 6 luxury manufacturers with great rebate programs.

  • Strengths: Refrigeration, cooking, induction
  • Weaknesses: Wall ovens need a refresh as well as their all gas pro ranges

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Gaggenau is owned by Bosch. Founded in Germany in 1681. They’ve been on the cutting edge of style and technology and produce some of the finest appliances in the world.

Bosch’s purchase of the company energized the brand by redesigning and restyling their already stellar product lines. Now, Gaggenau is once again a trendy, attractive alternative to more popular luxury kitchen brands with trend-setting products like cutting edge steam oven.

Gaggenau has had a convection steam oven long before Miele, Thermador, and Wolf, and it’s still the most versatile among high end units. They also have a full surface induction cook top allowing you to use any size pan anywhere on the cook top, up to 4 pans.

With Gaggenau, you have a distinctive, industrial style designed by Bang & Olufsen.

  • Strengths: Unique style, wall ovens, plumbed steam oven, ventilation, induction
  • Weaknesses: Limited offerings, controls can be hard to learn

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Miele has an unwavering commitment to quality with over 100 years in the appliance industry.

Their wall ovens, coffee systems, dishwashers and laundry, are all excellent products with incredible reliability. Miele has joined the ranks alongside Wolf by introducing a pro rated range in 2014 with some great tech.

Their 48-inch pro range has a built in microwave warming drawer with steam assist. Their pro range, as well as some of their wall ovens, connect to a water line for steam cycles which is a fantastic, high-end option.

Miele makes cooking easy with their M touch series ovens and ranges along side their Master Chef system which automatically cooks food for you.

  • Strengths: Cooking, dishwashers, and 24-inch laundry
  • Weaknesses: Hood needs to be sized bigger than the range, modern styling may be a turn-off to some buyers

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Sub Zero / Wolf

Don’t buy a Sub-Zero refrigerator for name recognition, buy it for 2-compressor performance, air scrubber, vacuum seal, and a water purifier all maintaining food fresher and longer than the competition. Sub zero is by far the best refrigerator on the market.

For over 60 years, Sub-Zero has been family-owned Madison, Wisconsin company successfully competing against the largest appliance companies in the world.

Sub-Zero bought Wolf 15 years ago and revolutionized cooking with the double convection technology and great simmer capabilities on each burner. Wolf ranges, due in part to their much desired red knobs, have become a staple of luxury kitchen design.

Sub-Zero still outperforms every other manufacturer on the market when it comes to refrigeration remaining the standard for our industry.

  • Strengths: Best refrigerator, great cooking, trendy “red knob” range
  • Weaknesses: All gas pro needs better output

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La Cornue

La Cornue is a French custom line that introduced the first chateau range in 1964. They offer custom-made ranges in sizes ranging from about 3 feet wide all the way up to 6 feet wide.

In addition, they also offer large island ranges, cabinets, and cook tops. Tons of color choices add to the customization. La Cornue specializes in customisable cooking with tons of options. For example, you can have dual ovens, one gas, and one electric in a variety of sizes and colors.

You can also choose the cook top configuration with options such as gas, electric, induction, and/or a French top.

The Chateau range is a top of the line luxury appliance. Fully customizable so you can pick induction, gas, french top, grill or griddle elements plus a wide range of color and size options.

Their gas ovens have an arched top so air flows naturally without a fan assist. Because of this feature it’s considered one of the best ovens for baking.

You can spend $7,500 on a 36-inch wide range or go all the way up to $160k for a much larger and more elaborate La Cornue.

  • Strengths: The range
  • Weaknesses: Pricey

Final Thoughts

Although the costs can be well over $30,000 for an entire kitchen, luxury appliances are a must when designing a luxury kitchen.

While you can’t go wrong with any of these brands they each have their own unique strengths and weaknesses. Compare units to make sure you get the best fit for your individual needs. Remember a kitchen is a functional space, not just a beautiful one. Buy appliances that meet your needs, not just because they look good.

If you plan on matching all your appliances you’ll have a few items that aren’t the best since each brand is generally best at just one thing. If you plan on mixing brands you’ll get better results.

Luxury appliances hold their value much better than lesser priced appliances do.

Pro Tip: If your mixing brands make sure to compare finishes. Not all stainless steel finishes are the same. From brand to brand the color of the steel and sheen can vary slightly. Generally it’s not a noticeable difference except when placed right next to one another like with a range and hood. Keep this in mind when making your selections.

Features of a Luxurious Kitchen

There’s no one single item that qualifies a kitchen as a luxury kitchen, but you’ll notice that most luxury kitchens have a few features in common. Here’s a small list of what you can expect.

  • Kitchen islands(often large, with seating and sometimes more than one)
  • Pendant or chandelier lighting or sometimes both
  • Granite, quartz, marble, or some other expensive counter top
  • Custom kitchen cabinets that extend to the ceiling
  • Real wood cabinets
  • Hardwood or tile flooring
  • Custom lighting
  • Tile, stone or marble back splashes
  • Elaborate tile designs sometimes with inlay
  • Stainless steel appliances
  • Eat-in section at the island or large peninsula
  • Glass-faced cupboards
  • In a few cases, you’ll see examples of full double-sided refrigerators and two ovens.
  • Lots of storage
  • Pantry
  • Sometimes a second kitchen prep room

While many of us will never have a dream luxury kitchen and won’t have to spend much time thinking about luxury kitchen design ideas, they’re sure fun to look at.

Below are our top luxury kitchen design ideas for 2019, featuring 10 kitchens, each with an estimated cost of $100,000 plus.

Please note that the costs attributed to the kitchens in this gallery are estimates only. However, since we routinely design and build luxury kitchens both as renovations and in luxury new homes we build, the prices are accurate.

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Marble Slab Backsplash

A current trend among luxury kitchen designers is using a stone slab as a backsplash, in this case we see marble. If you’ve never seen one in person then trust me, it’s a beautiful look. Particularly if the stone is marble. Using marble in the kitchen is very popular at the moment since most high end kitchen designs are using tons of gray and white.

But be careful. Marble isn’t like other kitchen stones. Whenever we install it we give our clients a care guide along with the marble because it really does need some special considerations. It scratches and stains so easily that you have to be prepared for some extra work if what your used to is granite. A stone slab is one of our top luxury kitchen design ideas for 2020.

Brass is another metal trend that looks fantastic with white. It works so well because brass has such a rich color without being too shiny and it doesn’t clash with stainless appliances.

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Gray & Brown | Top Luxury Kitchens

Gray cabinets with a brown wood island, dark gray chairs, glass pendant lighting, stainless appliances makes for a design that ranks high among luxury kitchens. Polished concrete floors. White quartz countertops. White trim, doors and ceilings. Recessed LED lighting. Gray walls. Huge room with french doors. Mirrored backsplash. Chrome hardware. Top of the line everything.

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White Cabinets With Light Stained Wood Floors

White cabinets with marble are super in style at the moment and that probably isn’t going to change any time soon. If you like the look consider a very light stain on your wood floors. It adds to the light and bright feel of the home.

A bead board or ship lap ceiling is also a really nice touch and works especially well if you don’t have high enough ceilings for exposed wood beams or a coffered ceiling. It adds texture and a lot of interest without dropping the ceiling down more than maybe 1/2 and inch.

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White Shaker Cabinets

White shaker cabinets are the trendy option in luxury kitchen design. Paired with dark wood floors, black granite countertops and black island seating. Top of the line stainless appliances, built in seating, open floor plan. The is the perfect example of a beautiful L-shaped luxury kitchen design. White walls and trim. Thick crown and base moldings. Wallpaper accent walls. Radiators.

Stools, chairs and built in benches. Give your kitchen some extra personality with furniture pieces featuring exquisite classic designs. Experience the pleasure of a more stylish dream kitchen by using some of the many design items that exist that aren’t normally found in a kitchen.

Range hoods have become an essential decorative item in the most sophisticated kitchens. Don’t forget to consider it when designing your new kitchen. Whether you go with a new designer hood, an antique or custom made piece, choose a hood that’ll add an additional decorative touch. Some hoods are quite simple while others are so large and ornate they become the centerpiece of the entire kitchen design. There’s no right or wrong answer here as long as whatever you choose fits into the overall design.

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Gray and White

White cabinets with a light gray island. Brushed nickel finishes. Stainless appliances. Black and white granite countertops. Mirrored backsplash. Open floor plan L-shaped kitchen. White walls and trim. Glass pendant lighting. Recessed LED lighting. Large floor tiles. Neutral colors. Dark gray seating. Tan window/door trim with a black french patio door.

Instead of leaving the sides of your cabinets flat, go with decorative panels for your cabinet ends. It’s a nice finishing touch for a flawless luxury kitchen design like the one shown above.

Black framed windows and a black door are a modern touch that works perfectly against the gray and white design. Additions like the three hanging pendulum lamps, the mirrored backsplash, open floor plan and casem*nt windows lend a homey air to this sleek and contemporary kitchen. The white walls and white paneled cabinetry contribute to an overall atmosphere that feels clean, bright and airy. An island with seating for 3 topped with marble serves as the rooms focal point as well as both a work counter and breakfast bar. The large travertine floor tiles finishes off this fantastic luxury kitchen design.

LUXURY KITCHEN Design Ideas | Kitchen Pics | Gambrick (17)

White and Blue

The trend with current luxury kitchen design ideas is definitely using tons of white. Here we have white shaker cabinets with white countertops. Blue as the secondary color used as an accent wall and kitchen island. Crystal chandeliers. Wood table. Lots of plants add color. Chrome hardware. Black range with a black and white backsplash. Marble floors.

LUXURY KITCHEN Design Ideas | Kitchen Pics | Gambrick (18)

Luxury Marble Kitchen Designs

Nothing says luxury in a kitchen like marble. It’s a bit harder to clean than harder stones like granite and a lot easier to stain, it’s undeniable how beautiful it looks in the kitchen. While it’s an overkill in a more modestly priced home, in a luxury kitchen marble is a fantastic choice. Here we see Carrara marble tiles with white grout used as a wall backsplash with marble countertops. Wood grain cabinets with a faux wood porcelain tile. Stainless steel Viking appliances with brushed nickel hardware and faucet. Real wood island bench seating. This is a beautiful luxury kitchen design that would look great in a variety of home styles ranging from traditional to ultra modern.

LUXURY KITCHEN Design Ideas | Kitchen Pics | Gambrick (19)

NY Luxury Kitchen Design Ideas

Beautiful NY luxury kitchen design with bespoke white shaker style cabinets, chrome hardware and a few glass doors. Marble island with a marble tile backsplash and marble countertops. Light wood floors. Stainless steel appliances with glass doors leading to the pantry. Blue stools with chrome legs. Chrome faucet. Custom coffered ceiling. White walls and ceiling with some ship lap wall paneling. This luxury kitchen design ticks just about trendy every box there is for kitchen design. So what is it that makes it stand out from so many other kitchens styled the exact same way. The industrial lighting and range hood.

By adding in some industrial elements into the kitchen design you create the interest you need to stand out. It’s all about contrast. In any design you shouldn’t play it too safe. If you do you’ll just blend in with all the rest. Sure the kitchen would still look great but it wouldn’t end up on the cover of a magazine. If you want your kitchen to be really special you have to include elements that make it so.

Of course the down side to these additions are the cost. You can’t just go out and find the perfect industrial hood. If you could that would be too easy and other designers might be using it. You have to go bespoke. It’s more expensive but a custom designed and built hood is definitely the way to go.

LUXURY KITCHEN Design Ideas | Kitchen Pics | Gambrick (20)

Grey Kitchen Design

Grey luxury kitchen design ideas. Light grey island with dark grey cabinets. Marble backsplash. Brushed hardware. White painted brick. Faux wood tiles. Black and wood accents. Large black framed windows and doors.

LUXURY KITCHEN Design Ideas | Kitchen Pics | Gambrick (21)

White and Wood

White cabinets with dark wood island and trim. Marble countertops. Brushed hardware. Pendant lighting. Wold stone and top of the line stainless appliances. Coffered ceiling. Open floor plan L-shaped kitchen design.

LUXURY KITCHEN Design Ideas | Kitchen Pics | Gambrick (22)

Gold Metal Pendant Lighting

White shaker cabinets, check. White tile backsplash, check. Stainless steel appliances, Check. Marble countertops, Check. This kitchen design is flawless and checks all the trendy kitchen design boxes for 2019. But what makes it really special are the gold pedant lights.

We tell all our clients to add something personal, something special that makes a room your own. Most people would coordinate the lighting with the other metals in the room, which would technically be the right thing to do. But going outside the box and adding something unique can add that extra pop every designer is looking for.

Use designs like this with caution. Too much gold and the room starts to look gaudy. Use the wrong sheen or shade and it can be too much. When you step outside the box and take a chance you generally hit a home run or strike out.

Crown molding can bridge the gap between your wall cabinets and the ceiling, allowing for a seamless transition. In traditional kitchens, it can cap off the design with one final touch of detail.

LUXURY KITCHEN Design Ideas | Kitchen Pics | Gambrick (23)

Luxury Modern Kitchen Design

Luxury modern kitchen design ideas at they’re best. Open floor plan. A variety of colors, textures and natural materials. Modern gray cabinets with matching countertop. Real wood chairs and dining tables. Real brick walls. Floor to ceiling black framed windows with drapes. Pendant lighting. Huge 1’x2′ porcelain floor tiles. Glass walls.

With their minimalist cabinetry, neutral color palette, and metallic accents, contemporary kitchens have a subtle beauty that never goes out of style. Blending aspects of modern design with a variety of styles for a sleek, elegant look. Pops of color are a nice touch. Whether on the furniture, in a bowl of fresh fruit, or from a vase of flowers ensuring that contemporary kitchen designs feel warm and welcoming, as do big windows that let in lots of sunlight. Add in the perfect light fixture, or a piece of bold artwork or decor.

Just a few decorative accessories (and zero clutter) on shelves and countertops let the smart mix of materials shine. This home is a stunning example of a luxury modern kitchen design.

LUXURY KITCHEN Design Ideas | Kitchen Pics | Gambrick (24)

Classic Grey and Blue

This kitchen is gorgeous. A classic design. Open floor plan. Grey cabinets with a dark blue hutch. Large floor tiles. Grey and white theme. Wood island countertop against black counters. Stainless appliances. All top of the line of course. Recessed LED lighting with pendant. Arched french doors to patio.

LUXURY KITCHEN Design Ideas | Kitchen Pics | Gambrick (25)

White and Black High End Kitchen Design

White cabinets with black granite countertops. Black seating. Chrome hardware. Stainless steel appliances. White backsplash. Recessed LED lighting.

LUXURY KITCHEN Design Ideas | Kitchen Pics | Gambrick (26)


White cabinets with white and black countertops. Coffered ceiling. Medium stained oak floors. Pendant lighting with recessed. Brushed hardware. Stainless appliances. Blue secondary colors.

LUXURY KITCHEN Design Ideas | Kitchen Pics | Gambrick (27)

White and Wood Kitchen Design

White cabinets with wood countertops. Natural colors and materials. Wood floors. Stainless appliances. White backsplash. Coffered ceiling. Chandelier.

LUXURY KITCHEN Design Ideas | Kitchen Pics | Gambrick (28)

All White Kitchen

All white kitchen design. White cabinets, tiles, ceilings, walls and trim with white marble countertops. Black hardware. Stainless steel Wolf appliances. Coffered ceiling with black pendant lighting. Dark faux wood floor tiles.

LUXURY KITCHEN Design Ideas | Kitchen Pics | Gambrick (29)

Luxury Eat In Kitchen Design

Luxury eat in kitchens are great when you want to eat informally with just the family and friends. A large island with bench seating is a standard in luxury kitchens these days but don’t forget to include a space for a small table with at least 4-6 chairs. This area is often overlooked. Regarded as a side piece to the kitchen and formal dining room. So take that as an opportunity to do something special by building a custom ceiling trim with chandelier like the picture shown above.

The round room design is also a big plus as the added windows let in tons of natural light. A round design also cuts down on hard shadows since the round design lets light in from more angles as the sun moves throughout the day. The fireplace with stone chimney is a really nice feature. The designers here turned what is normally a boring area of the room into something beautiful.

LUXURY KITCHEN Design Ideas | Kitchen Pics | Gambrick (30)

Gray And White With Dark Brown Dream Kitchen Design

If money were no object, what would you want your kitchen to look like? Would you invest in a luxurious breakfast bar, 6 burner Pro range or marble countertops. Or maybe some custom hand made cabinets for a truly one of a kind look? The most important, and often costliest, element in any kitchen design are the cabinetry. So how do you choose? We say a classic design made from quality materials is generally the best way to go. In our opinion opting for tested designs that will never date is your best bet unless you want to remodel again in 10 years. We try to stay away from anything too trendy.

Here we see a classic gray and white color palette with dark brown accents. The brown against the muted gray and white is what really makes this kitchen something special. Marble countertops are also a perfect choice. Marble is a top choice in a luxurious kitchen. Why marble? One main reason: it looks incredibly elegant, more so than any other real stone used for countertops. Marble is all about the looks. As a workspace, it scratches easier, stains easier and needs to be cleaned more often than other stones. But boy does it look fantastic.

LUXURY KITCHEN Design Ideas | Kitchen Pics | Gambrick (31)

Black And White Luxury Kitchen Designs

The black and white kitchen design is a classic look used in high end homes for well over 50 years that still remains in style to this day. The black cabinets and wood work are perfectly contrasted by the white found in the kitchen hood, sink and marble. A huge marble slab was used for the stove wall and backsplash. Marble countertops and island complete the look. Gold is the metal finish of choice here which you’ll see scattered throughout the room on everything from the chair legs to the lighting, cabinet hardware and even the accent trim found in the hood.

The light wood floors are a perfect choice as they break up the stark white and black contrast while adding a much needed bit of warmth. Color is brought into the room through plants, some countertop decor and a bright, bold rug.

LUXURY KITCHEN Design Ideas | Kitchen Pics | Gambrick (32)

White And Marble High End Kitchen Design

White and gray kitchens with marble countertops are a common trend among high end kitchens but this one comes with a twist, a mirrored backsplash. Mirrored backsplashes were a thing a few decades ago that went out of style but every now and then we see one pop up. This beautiful luxury kitchen features white cabinets with chrome hardware. Marble countertops. Stainless steel appliances and of course a large custom made island.

Another great addition to this kitchen design is the center island with a plush bench seat. We’re so used to seeing stools that a bench seat design is refreshing. My favorite kitchens always tend to be the ones that put a little twist on a popular design. We recommend doing this to our customers. Don’t be afraid to try something new or throw in a unique, personal element. Those are the things that stand out and make the kitchen design memorable.

LUXURY KITCHEN Design Ideas | Kitchen Pics | Gambrick (33)

Luxury Dream Kitchen Designs

Luxury dream kitchen design. All white kitchen with white cabinets and stunning marble countertops. Marble backsplash. Luxury brand stainless steel appliances. Island with seating for four. Custom made hood with stainless metal and gold accents. Arched windows and doors. Add a trendy detail to your kitchen using splashes gold and silver finishes. You can find designer pieces in these two materials or go antique. Some of them have smooth, straight lines, while others come in a classic or a rustic style, but they’ll all transform the look of your kitchen.

I don’t think I have to tell you why this would be considered a luxury dream kitchen. The above kitchen design is a stunning example of a white kitchen in traditional style. No detail was spared from the marble tile floor to the custom white cabinetry and beautiful coffered ceiling with recessed lighting and gold chandeliers

Choosing the Right Kitchen Design for Your Home

As you can see, when discussing the variety of luxury kitchen design ideas available, there are a number of factors and tons of options to consider. Designing a stunning luxury kitchen is about a lot more than just filling it with expensive stuff. Take your time, do your research and carefully plan it out. If you do, in the end, I’m sure you’ll be successful.

With so many great luxury kitchen design ideas to choose from when building a new home or renovating an old one, I hope these tips and inspirational pics will help you in some small way.

Conclusion: Luxury Kitchen Ideas And Designs

With so many great options and styles to choose from I hope these tips and inspirational pics will help you design the luxury kitchen of your dreams.

Whether you want a home that’s classy, modern, fun, country or quirky, the right kitchen design provides the focal point of almost any home layout. Choose wisely.

If you have any questions or comments e-mail us any time. We’d love to hear from you.

LUXURY KITCHEN Design Ideas | Kitchen Pics | Gambrick (2024)


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